Board of Trustees and Officers

Current Board of Trustees and Officers:

Roy Jinks, SWHF Historian and Board Member, Author, Chairman (View Biography)

Don Mundell, Assistant Historian

Bill Cross, Chairman SWHF, Author, Past-President and current Treasurer SWCA

Sheryl Cheely, Secretary and Treasurer SWHF, Current President SWCA

Dave Ballantyne, SWHF Board Member and Past-President SWCA

Peter DeRose, SWHF Board Member and Past President SWCA

Jim Supica, SWHF Board Member, Author, Past President SWCA, Director National Firearms Program for the NRA.

Joe Carvalho, Board Member

Jim Fisher, Board Member

Chad Gripp, Board Member

Ernie Rice, Board Member


The Smith & Wesson Historical Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3)